Alif Ba Exhibition Arrives in Philadelphia

The Alif Ba exhibition opens this week at its next stop, Al Bustan Seeds for Culture in Philadelphia, PA. Co-produced by the Qatar Foundation and the National Children’s Museum in honor of the 2021 Year of Culture between the United States and Qatar, the exhibition is an interactive experience aimed at introducing young audiences to the Arabic alphabet and language through touch and sound.

A community event co-hosted by QAIC and Al Bustan will be held on Saturday, June 4 in celebration of the exhibition's opening.


Museum Series: "Expanding Young Minds"

On May 19, 2022, the Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC) hosted the Museum Series webinar Expanding Young Minds: Children’s Museums and Youth Programming featuring Hana Elwell from the Brooklyn Children’s Museums, Shaika Nasser Al-Nassr from the Museum of Islamic Art, and Clara Lim from Dadu, Children’s Museum of Qatar. Moderated by QAIC’s Chairwoman Peggy Loar, the webinar explored how institutions develop their programming and exhibitions for the younger demographics while simultaneously engaging parents, educators, and adults. 


 QAIC & Islamic Art

Over the past few months, the Qatar America Institute for Culture has committed itself to both supporting and expanding the reach and scope of Islamic Art in the United States through a broad array of engagements, exhibitions, and financial support to various museums and institutions that share the central tenet of QAIC’s mission. 


QAIC Concludes its 2022 Arabic Language and Culture Fellowship

QAIC’s Arabic Language & Culture Fellowship for 2022 is concluding on June 3. Five students from Qatar Academy in Doha and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, participated in the program. QAIC teamed up with the White House Historical Association (WHHA) to translate their self-guided tours into Arabic. The program concluded with the fellows convening on Zoom to meet with members of WHHA and share their experiences in translation, including some humorous anecdotes involving the correct meaning of ‘china’ for the White House’s “China Room.” 

We extend our thanks to Qatar Foundation for making this program possible through their sponsorship and the traveling Alif Ba exhibition, opening this month at Al Bustan Seeds for Culture, Philadelphia PA.

Interested in participating in this project? QAIC will offer another iteration of the Arabic Language & Culture Fellowship for ongoing translation projects! Click below to let us know you are interested! 


A2Q Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1

QAIC's first issue of A2Q 2022 is out now! The A2Q Magazine highlights the unique perspectives and journeys of artists, writers, academics, and those seeking to make a positive change in the world. We hope that through A2Q we can share unique perspectives and creative visions while bridging the gap between the diverse communities across the United States and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  

This issue focuses on QAIC’s selected monthly themes from the past four months: Literature & Education, Sports & Society, Architecture, and Dance. Featuring contributions by QAIC's Language & Culture Fellows, an interview with acclaimed choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess, and more, the latest issue of A2Q provides in-depth, engaging content that complements QAIC’s online programming.   

For more information about the A2Q Magazine and how to submit your work for the next issue, visit


50th Anniversary of US-Qatar Relations

On May 12, Qatar America Institute for Culture’s staff both attended and shared QAIC’s mission and work at the Qatar-USA 50th anniversary gala in Washington, DC. Throughout the evening, QAIC shared and highlighted QAIC’s Perfumery Museum, exhibitions, and general programs in celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Qatar.

We are thankful to all our collaborators, art donors, and our creative community for making this booth happen!


Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business - Qatar Leadership Center Fellows Visit Washington, DC

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Graduates of the Executive Master’s in Leadership-Qatar from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business! The team of fellows, students, and graduates from Georgetown University - Qatar and the Qatar Leadership Center attended a week-long residency in Washington, DC. Members from the 2022 cohort visited QAIC, and engaged in enriching discussions with policymakers in Washington before attending their graduation ceremony at Georgetown's Home Campus. 


Marvellous Creatures: Animal Fables in Islamic Art

by Dr. Mounia Chekhab Abudaya, Bill Greenwood, et. al

Marvellous Creatures showcases the real and mythical animals from the legends and fables of the Islamic world as reflected in a range of artworks from the collection of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. 

The variety of objects featured in the book ranges across manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, glass, and metalwork from the 10th to the 19th centuries, demonstrating the enduring appeal of these characters and stories across diverse cultures.

The book is available for purchase here.


Become a Sponsor

As a sponsor, QAIC can continue to develop meaningful expressions and experiences, functioning as a bridge spanning the cultures of the United States, Qatar, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. It is through the continued support from sponsors that QAIC is able to create inclusive experiences that highlight humanity’s similarities while delighting in the diversity of our differences, thus improving cross-cultural understanding.

It is with your contribution that together we can create impact by giving QAIC the resources to become a trusted partner and art and culture catalyst by increasing awareness, creating harmony, and fostering human creativity in society in multiple ways.


Join Our Community

The Qatar America Institute for Culture offers numerous opportunities for students, post-graduates, and those passionate about the arts and cultural heritage to engage with the work of the Institute. Whether you are looking to conduct in-depth research projects, learn various professional skill sets, or simply wish to get involved with QAIC’s event programming, we want to hear from you!

These offerings include priority access to exclusive engagements with featured guests, intimate receptions with visiting artists, and other annual benefits to better serve you as a platform for cultural and creative enrichment.



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