A2Q Magazine - Issue II

QAIC’s second issue of A2Q is out today! The A2Q Magazine highlights the unique perspectives and journeys of artists, writers, academics, and those seeking to make a positive change in the world. We hope that through A2Q we can share unique perspectives and creative visions while bridging the gap between the diverse communities across the United States and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  

This second issue focuses on QAIC’s selected monthly themes from the past quarter: Performing Arts, Museums, Environment & Sustainability. Featuring contributions by Luke Scaros of The Organic Studio of Performing Arts, QAIC Fellows, and more, the latest issue of A2Q provides in-depth, engaging content that complements QAIC’s online programming.   

For more information about the A2Q Magazine and how to submit your work for the next issue, visit qataramerica.org/a2q.



QAIC Launches “Women of the Pandemic: Creativity in QuarantineVirtual Exhibition & Panel in Partnership with Katara Cultural Village

On June 13, QAIC, in partnership with Katara Cultural Village in Qatar, launched the “Women of the Pandemic: Creativity in Quarantine” a virtual exhibition featuring four Qatari artists and four American artists, whose creative voices have carried on despite the chaos brought on by COVID-19 around them.

In addition to celebrating the artists’ works and resilience, the female artists connected on June 24 for a live virtual panel to reflect and share how they have confronted the realities of life as a professional creative during a pandemic. The panel discussion explored the commonalities and differences experienced from this shared global event by these artists from contrasting environments and backgrounds.


QAIC Members Event

On June 7, QAIC members joined Executive Director Fatima Al-Dosari and Board of Directors Chairperson Peggy Loar for a behind-the-scenes look at the Institute. Members were provided the exclusive opportunity to learn more about our upcoming initiatives, exhibitions, and community outreach.

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Closing of "Transcendent Text" Exhibition


Today marks the end of QAIC’s first exhibition in its new headquarters, “Transcendent Text: Exploring Universal Values Through Islamic Calligraphy.” The exhibition, featuring 20 works by master calligrapher Sabah Arbilli, has been on display since December of 2020. 

Over the course of the exhibition, QAIC hosted a variety of private tours, institutional visits, and InstaMeet visits, in addition to the spring Seasonal Social. Over 100 visitors had a chance to enjoy and contemplate the artwork and the shared universal values that inspired them. 

Many thanks to the National Human Rights Committee of Qatar for partnering with QAIC to bring this unique and meaningful exhibition to Washington DC. A private closing reception will be held next month on July 15 where QAIC will host institutional partners, QAIC members, and prominent members of Washington's art community.


Arab Film House Mural Completed

QAIC is excited to announce the completion of its Arab Film House (AFH) at its headquarters in Washington, DC. Following the completion of the theater, the Arab Film House will host a variety of film-related programming ranging from intimate film screenings, discussions with prominent filmmakers, amateur film competitions, and more in the coming months ahead.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on QAIC’s film-related programming, and we look forward to hosting you soon.


Blues Hues as QAIC Staff Visit Cross Mackenzie Gallery

Consistently, the color blue continues to be the world's most popular color and is one of the most universally appealing colors on the spectrum. Blue has been worn for thousands of years, from royals to barbarians and modern-day workers, and, when it came to painting, blue was the rarest and most valued shade. The QAIC team was recently given the opportunity to visit the Cross Mackenzie Gallery to see its latest exhibition centered around this vibrant color: “Blue: the Color, the Music, and the State of Mind.” 


Meet Our New Fellows and Interns!

Throughout the year, QAIC offers fellowships and internships for students and post-graduates passionate about the arts and cultural heritage. This summer, we are hosting four new fellows and interns, who will work across our Communications, Programs, and Operations departments to support the work of the Institute. Read more to learn about our newest fellows and interns, their roles at QAIC, and what they hope to learn over the course of their fellowship or internship!


Discovering Qatar

In honor of this month's theme, Environment and Sustainability, our book of the month is Discovering Qatar by Frances Gillespie. Inspired by her time living and working as a freelance writer in Qatar, Gillespie wanted to introduce new audiences to the country's natural history. This book explores the environment of Qatar, with a special focus on its rich flora and fauna. 

Not only does the book cover the natural world, it also delves into Qatar's traditional culture and archaeology. It is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about Qatar and its landscape, history, and people.

Discovering Qatar is available for purchase here.


QAIC Takes Part in Qatari Community Outreach Initiative

The 54th episode of Qatar's popular community outreach initiative #bigbmeetup is celebrating the Fourth of July. Host and founder Bosco Nicholas Menezes will be talking to Tracy K. Castro Aguliar, Cultural Affairs Specialist (US Embassy in Qatar), Elizabeth Yaw, President (American Women's Association Qatar) and Fatima Al-Dosari, Executive Director (Qatar America Institute for Culture in Washington, DC USA) tune in LIVE exclusively through the following link.  



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