H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa Al Thani Joins QAIC’s Honorary Board of Trustees

Culture allows us to recognize our common humanity and has the power to shape our communities and forge a sense of identity and belonging." - Sheikha Al Mayassa Al Thani.

Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the chairperson of Qatar Museums, joins QAIC as its first Honorary Trustee. H.E. is one of the most powerful and influential Arab leaders in the art and culture world, and the founder of the Doha Film Institute (DFI); which is a nonprofit that was established with the aim of building a dynamic film industry in Qatar and nurturing regional storytellers.

QAIC Celebrates Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture with Double Exhibition Opening

In celebration of the Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture, on December 16 QAIC hosted an opening reception in partnership with Qatar Museums and the Years of Culture team to recognize the two newest exhibitions currently hosted in QAIC’s Washington, DC headquarters: the Years of Culture 2021 Photography Exchange exhibition, "Light & Shadow: A visual journey through Oregon," and "Cultural Fusion" exhibition in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University - Qatar. The event will also recognized Qatar Foundation's newest initiative, the Alif Baa Harf Park.

The event was attended by guests from both Qatar and the United States.

Cultural Fusion:

The Cultural Fusion exhibition of the Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture. The exhibition began in Core Studio 2 at VCUarts Qatar and is comprised of the artwork of eight graphic design students. The premise was to explore the ongoing relations between the United States and Qatar through design. The project allowed a variety of creative freedom, and the result was a multitude of diverse outcomes with both serious and playful approaches, eight of which are on display in this exhibition. 

Light & Shadow: A visual journey through Oregon

As part of the Qatar - USA 2021 Year of Culture program, the Light & Shadow: A visual journey through Oregon exhibition presents the work of two photographers, Andrew Studer and Khalifa Al-Misnad, during their ten-day journey photographing the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

While embarking on the journey as strangers, Studer and Al-Misnad quickly bonded through their shared love of photography and nature. The result of their journey is a series of photographs that not only serve as documentation of the natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest but also as individual perspectives meeting to appreciate the present moment. Embodying the true spirit of the Year of Culture program, both photographers championed each other’s inquisitive nature while learning from one another. 

The exhibition is on view until late March 2022 by appointment only. 

Interested to tour our exhibitions? Schedule a visit!

A2Q Magazine – Issue 4

QAIC’s fourth and final issue of A2Q 2021 is out today! The A2Q Magazine highlights the unique perspectives and journeys of artists, writers, academics, and those seeking to make a positive change in the world. We hope that through A2Q we can share unique perspectives and creative visions while bridging the gap between the diverse communities across the United States and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  

This fourth issue focuses on QAIC’s selected monthly themes from the past quarter: Heritage & History, STEAM, and Languages & Diversity. Featuring contributions by QAIC Board member, Professor Chuck Thorpe, QAIC Fellow Abelrahman Kamel, and more, the latest issue of A2Q provides in-depth, engaging content that complements QAIC’s online programming.   

For more information about the A2Q Magazine and how to submit your work for the next issue, visit qataramerica.org/a2q.


Announcing the 2021 IMPART Artist Grant Recipients in January 2022

Thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals to QAIC’s first IMPART Artist Grants for 2021-2022. We were humbled by the numerous thoughtful and creative applications we received, and with great anticipation, we will announce the three grant recipients in early January 2022. Stay tuned for future updates!

Revisiting QAIC’s Inaugural IMPART Summit

This past November, QAIC hosted its inaugural IMPART Summit to convene and collaborate with a wide array of artists and creatives, as well as a multitude of other artistic institutions, and serve as a “Congress for Creatives.” To learn more about this event, read the full press release here.  


Premiere Screening of 'HER'

On December 15, 2021, QAIC and its partners hosted a screening at our headquarters in Washington, DC. For the first time screened in the United States, this film highlights the stories of heroic women who shattered barriers to achieve excellence in their fields, while also advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with their work. In partnership with the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Washington, DC and the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS), this special event recognized the many women leaders making a positive impact in the world with remarks provided by GIWPS’ Executive Director and former US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, Melanne Verveer. 


QAIC Celebrates Qatar National Day

On December 18, QAIC in partnership with the Qatar – USA 2021 Year of Culture team hosted a public viewing of the “Light & Shadow” and “Cultural Fusion” exhibitions, which were both made possible thanks to the Years of Culture team and Qatar Museums. To further commemorate the occasion, QAIC also hosted a watch party for the FIFA Arab Cup Final which was shown in our Arab Film House.


Qatar Elected to World Heritage Committee

Last month, Qatar was elected as a member of the World Heritage Committee from 2021-2025, after it received a total of 114 votes – the highest among the candidate countries. The announcement was made during the meeting of the General Assembly of the States Parties to the 1972 World Heritage Convention, held during the 44th session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Mr. Monopoly Visits Qatar

Monopoly, which is the best-selling privately patented board game in history and has gained huge popularity in the United States, has added Qatar to its latest editions! On November 29, Monopoly released its newest themed addition which features Doha, Qatar’s capital, as the focus of the iconic board game. Now, Qatar’s community can play the classic board game complete with unique landmarks that were picked by Mr. Monopoly himself during his tour of the city last month.

Our Differences Bring Us Closer Together

Gearing up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar hosted the FIFA Arab Cup in Qatar from November 30 to December 18, 2021. QAIC Fellow and Qatar resident, Abdelrahman Kamel, discusses the cultural and social aspects of sports that define our identity. In his blog post, Kamel discusses the correlation between identity, culture, and sports as it pertains to nationalism.  


QAIC's Year in Review Video

Last month, QAIC premiered its Year in Review Video at the 2021 IMPART Summit gala reception. The video highlighted QAIC’s achievements over the past year, and the continuation of partnerships and collaborations. You watch the full video here

The Corsair by AbdulAziz Al-Mahmoud

It's the early part of the nineteenth century and the Arabian Peninsula and the waters surrounding it are ablaze. Piracy in the Gulf threatens global maritime trade routes while the Wahabbi strain of Islam is conquering followers town by town across the region. Britain, eager to reinforce its presence in the Middle East and protect the East India Company's ships, has a plan: send a man-of-war from England to quash the pirates while persuading Egypt to join an international alliance with Oman and Persia to fight the Wahabbis. At the center of it all lies a priceless Indian sword, a gift from the British monarch to the Egyptian Pasha.

But Erhama bin Jaber, a historical figure and one of the most notorious pirates in the Gulf, has his own agenda and his own vendettas. When the Arabian corsair and his gang attack a ship carrying the sword, Britain's complex strategy goes terribly awry. As the pirates and British officials shuttle between ports throughout the region, plans and alliances are made and unmade as quickly as a rainstorm in the desert. In a grueling trudge across Arabia, an unlikely friendship is forged between Erhama's rebellious son and a British army major.

This story of high-seas piracy and political intrigue, of unexpected kinship and personal betrayal, portrays the conflicting interests and human drama of these historic events in the Arabian Peninsula.

The book is available for purchase here.


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