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QAIC CARES is Qatar America Institute for Culture's humanitarian initiative to address and support peace-building efforts in some of the world’s most in-need regions. QAIC’s central mission revolves around serving as a vital hub to convene artists, curators, storytellers, academics, and creatives. We believe that culture is a major dimension of our lives, with the unique power to bring all humans together.

It informs and shapes who we are as individuals, communities, and nations. In order to achieve our mission of fostering the arts and improve cross-cultural understanding, societies around the world must be dedicated to eliminating human suffering.

Societies within the Arab & Islamic worlds have not only had to suffer from conflict and a lack of resources, but also from a devastating deficit of the Arts. The QAIC CARES initiative aims to alleviate this deficit by providing additional aid to these societies through established international humanitarian organizations to domestic American charitable organizations.


 Opening of the Physical Exhibition of "Women of the Pandemic" in Partnership with Katara Cultural Village

Earlier this summer, QAIC launched the “Women of the Pandemic” virtual exhibition and webinar panel in collaboration with Katara Cultural Village. This September, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Women of the Pandemic gallery at QAIC’s headquarters in Washington DC.  

Women of the Pandemic has brought together four Qatari artists and four American artists, whose creative voices have carried on despite the chaos brought on by COVID-19 around them. Private touring opportunities will be available to be scheduled through our website here


2021 World Photography Day in Photos: "Road to Reopening"

World Photography Day is celebrated each year on August 19th to highlight photographers’ ability to share their unique perspectives with the world. In honor of this day, QAIC announced a call for submissions as part of its FOCI photography initiative under the theme “Road to Reopening.” This call asked photographers from around the globe to share their stories of how their communities are slowly regaining a sense of normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To see the selected photographers, check out QAIC’s Instagram account.


Qatar National Library: Preserving the Past and Looking Towards the Future

On Wednesday, September 8, QAIC will celebrate International Literacy Day in collaboration with the Qatar National Library. Tune in for the video premiere featuring specialists from QNL who will be sharing the Library’s initiatives, such as the digitizing of historical artifacts and manuscripts. “Qatar National Library: Preserving the Past and Looking Towards the Future” will be available to view on our website and the QAIC YouTube page.


"Connections" Show Opening at al markhiya gallery

QAIC’s partner, al markhiya gallery, is opening an exhibition called "Connections," a group exhibition in celebration of Qatar – USA year of Culture 2021, showcasing the work of Qatari artists who have studied in the United States from 1979 to 2021. The exhibition includes works by a wide range of artists whose studies range from art and design to those who discovered their interest in making visual artworks alongside their core programs of study while in the United States.

The works presented to illustrate how these Qatari artists connect with society, home, heritage, the environment, and oneself, through the different media of drawing, painting, sculpture, and the repurposing of existing materials. "Connections" is curated for the al markhiya gallery by Alanoud Al Buainain and contribute to the events surrounding Qatar – USA Year of Culture 2021. 


Recap: Museum Series Panel on Contemporary Art Curation

On August 12, QAIC presented its latest Museum Series episode, “Framing Context into Concept: The Unseen Challenges of Contemporary Art Curation.” The event featured curators and directors from institutions in both the US and Qatar - Dr. Orianna Cacchione (Smart Museum of Art, Chicago), Michelle Yun Mapplethorpe (Asia Society Museum, New York), Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani (Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, New York), and Khalifa Al Obaidli (Fire Station, Doha). This webinar explored the processes and unseen challenges behind the development of contemporary art exhibitions.

Watch a recap of the event through the link below. 


Recap: "Arab Cinema Then & Now" with Farida Zahran

On July 29, QAIC's Executive Director Fatima Al-Dosari sat down with Egyptian writer and director Farida Zahran in the Expressions Art & Culture Talk “Arab Cinema Then & Now.” Drawing on her background working at Doha Film Institute and her own experience as a filmmaker, Zahran reflected on the history of Arab cinema, as well as its future trajectory.   

Watch a recap of the event through the link below.  


Recap: "Arab Life Through the Lens" with Wendy Ewald

On August 24, QAIC’s Expressions Art & Culture Talk featured American photographer Wendy Ewald, who spoke on her work and travels throughout the Middle East. Over the course of her 40+ year career, Ewald has captured communities around the globe, from Morocco to New York. Exploring diverse societies and identities, Ewald’s work generates dialogue about our cultural differences and similarities. 

This webinar was part of QAIC’s Expressions Art & Culture Talks series, which provides a platform for creatives from the US, Qatar, and broader Arab and Islamic worlds to share their insight on a variety of topics. Previous topics include calligraphy, architecture, and film. 

Watch a recap of the event through the link below.  


August is Photography month here at QAIC. In honor of this month’s theme, QAIC fellow Abdelrahman Kamel explored the history of photography in the Middle East, from its use as a tool for anthropological documentation to a medium for activism and protest. Abdelrahman studies at Queen’s University in Canada, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies. 


The QAIC PostScript initiative provides aspiring authors and writers the opportunity to share their unique perspectives on cultural and social topics relevant to QAIC’s mission for publication in its quarterly A2Q magazine. The call for submission for August and September will be focused on our selected themes for these months: “Photography” and “Literature & Education,” respectively. 
Contributors can range from established analysts, aspiring scholars, or students. If you would like to submit an original piece for publication, please closely follow our submission guidelines and submit it through the form on our website.    


The Arab Imago: A Social History of Portrait Photography, 1869-1910 by Stephen Sheehi

The Arab Imago concentrates primarily on studio portraits by Arab and Armenian photographers in the late Ottoman Empire. Examining previously known studios such as Abdullah Frères, Pascal Sébah, Garabed Krikorian, and Khalil Raad, the book also provides the first account of other pioneers such as Georges and Louis Saboungi, the Kova Brothers, Muhammad Sadiq Bey, and Ibrahim Rif’at Pasha—as well as the first detailed look at early photographs of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. In addition, the book explores indigenous photography manuals and albums, newspapers, scientific journals, and fiction.

Featuring extensive previously unpublished images, The Arab Imago shows how native photography played an essential role in the creation of modern Arab societies in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon before the First World War. At the same time, the book overturns Eurocentric and Orientalist understandings of indigenous photography and challenges previous histories of the medium. 


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