A2Q Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1

QAIC's first issue of A2Q 2022 is out now! The A2Q Magazine highlights the unique perspectives and journeys of artists, writers, academics, and those seeking to make a positive change in the world. We hope that through A2Q we can share unique perspectives and creative visions while bridging the gap between the diverse communities across the United States and the Arab and Islamic worlds.  

This issue focuses on QAIC’s selected monthly themes from the past four months: Literature & Education, Sports & Society, Architecture, and Dance. Featuring contributions by QAIC's Language Fellows, an interview with acclaimed choreographer Dana Tai Soon Burgess, and more, the latest issue of A2Q provides in-depth, engaging content that complements QAIC’s online programming.   

For more information about the A2Q Magazine and how to submit your work for the next issue, visit qataramerica.org/a2q.

Expressions Art & Culture Talk with Mohamed Zakariya

In honor of the “Living Line, Living Legacy” exhibition and the upcoming symposium in collaboration with the Reed Society for the Sacred Arts (RSSA), we sat down with renowned featured calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya to talk about his life’s work and the art of calligraphy. Speaking with QAIC Executive Director Fatima Al-Dosari, Zakariya shared with us his introduction into the world of calligraphy, Islamic culture and religion, and reflected on some of the artwork in the exhibition.  

Expressions with Mohamed Zakariya will premiere on QAIC’s platforms on Thursday, May 5


 "Living Line, Living Legacy" Exhibition Events

On Monday, April 11, QAIC and RSSA opened the "Living Line, Living Legacy" calligraphy exhibition featuring the works of the renowned Mohamed Zakariya and other prominent calligraphers from the United States and Europe. To visit QAIC and tour the exhibition, click here.

On Saturday, May 7, QAIC and RSSA will host the "Living Line, Living Legacy" symposium, featuring presentations from notable calligraphers and curators including Mohamed Zakariya, Dr. Maryam Ekhtiar, and more. Book your ticket using the button below today! 

QAIC and RSSA are also offering exclusive calligraphy workshops with the esteemed visiting calligraphers. Workshops are offered on Monday, May 9 and Tuesday, May 10. Space is extremely limited, be sure to secure your spot today!  


 QAIC's Museum Series Panel: "Expanding Young Minds: Children's Museums and Youth Programming"

Save the date for the first museum series panel of 2022! On Thursday, May 19, QAIC will host a panel of curators that manage children’s museums and youth programming at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in NYC, Dadu: Children’s Museum of Qatar in Doha, and the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.  

The discussion will be moderated by QAIC’s Chairperson Peggy Loar. The panel will explore how each of these institutions develop programming aimed at a young audience and the experts will share their own varied goals and approaches to engagement. Curious to hear how play and learning can go hand in hand? Register today! 


QAIC Community Iftar Celebration

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, the Qatar America Institute for Culture and the Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) hosted a community iftar celebration on April 30 at QAIC's headquarters in Washington, DC. In addition to a feast of Middle Eastern foods and sweets and henna, guests were also treated to a fireside conservation between MALA Executive Director, Zainab Khan, and local artist, Lubna Zahid. Thank you to all who joined us this year in celebrating Ramadan with our community and have a blessed Eid al-Fitr!


Alif Ba Opening at Western Kentucky University

The traveling Alif Ba exhibition had it's official opening at Western Kentucky University (WKU)! Members of the QAIC team traveled to Bowling Green, KY to take part in the day's events. They met with WKU leadership including President Tim Caboni and the Dean of Potter College Terrence Brown, toured the Kentucky Museum, and spoke with students during multiple engagements such as the recurring Chai Chat series.

QAIC also launched the debut of the Alif Ba sensory program, which paired herbs, spices, and fragrances to letters of the alphabet. Visitors to the exhibition had fun testing both their noses and their Arabic at this fun interactive component!

Alif Ba will be on display at WKU through May 20, be sure to drop by!


QAIC Hosts Open House to Celebrate Easter & Garangao

Al Naflah is a Ramadan tradition celebrated mostly in Gulf countries and is commemorated on the 14th of Shaaban as a reminder of blessings and rewards brought on by the holy month.

On April 15, to share the joy of this beloved local custom, QAIC dropped by friends at the Embassy of Qatar in the US and from ConnocoPhilips with some sweet zalabiya/jalebi. In addition, QAIC hosted an open house to celebrate the tradition of Al Naflah with community members and friends at its headquarters. Visitors had the chance to learn more about Al Naflah, view our current exhibitions and museums, and enjoy zalabiya and tea! 


AlHosh Gallery Recycled Artwork Competition

Earlier this month, AlHosh gallery organized an art recycling competition using hundreds of empty shotgun shells. Held at the Lusail Shooting Club during the Neshan Vodafone Archery Festival, and hosted in collaboration with Qatar Shooting and Archery Association, over 30 artists participated. The works produced were comprised of different mixed media materials, and these expressive pieces showed off a collection of artistic ideas with the aim of spreading awareness about up-cycling within Qatari society. 

Congratulations to winners Maha Al Nuaimi, Hanan Al-Haddad, Nouf Al-Hitmi, and Alaa Al-Hakawati. 


Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula by Lisa Urkevich

In honor of our theme for the month of “Dance", we highlight Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula by Lisa Urkevich.

Spanning nineteen chapters, this pioneering overview introduces readers to the folk and traditional urban music, dance and rituals of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Various regions and subcultures are explored through descriptions of instruments, poetry, and performances. The book includes nearly 200 images, downloadable resources, and more. 

The book is available for purchase here.


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